Day 22 – IAT Mile 354.8 to 381.3

One hell of a storm last night.  If we had been in our tent through that… I would be writing a very different post today, if at all.  We could hear the winds raging and the rain pounding.  Thunder and lightning was popping and cracking faster than I could count “1 apple, 2 ap”.  We heard large trees being ripped out of the ground from their root balls.  This was serious shit.  Thanks to the ATV shelter, we started our day both dry and healthy.

If you read the title of this post and did the math, you already know we hiked 26.5 miles today.  The end of Harrison Hills and the beginning of Parrish Hills are very challenging with the ups and downs, this morning we also had to navigate around and over many tree blow downs.  When we weren’t in the hills, we were dealing with bogs and miles of thorny overgrown raspberry bush trails.  We started hiking around 0645 and didn’t get camped until 1030pm.  We road walked in the dark and didn’t see a single car in all the 4 miles.

When you’re at a mental breaking point and still 3 miles away from camp, at least another hour, it’s gut check time.  You have more than one semi-serious injury and you are exhausted. This is what you signed up for.  No one is coming to save you.  Is it an adventure or a miscue?  I’m not sure if I picked my mental fortitude in the Air Force or if I’ve always been this way, but I say it’s an adventure.  However, this adventure is not just about me and I am trying my best not to push the team of us too far too fast.  I can see Brianna getting mentally and physically stronger and that’s a powerful beauty to behold.  Some of life’s endeavors worth pursuing.

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