Day 34 – IAT Mile 591.8 to 595.8

Today was meant to be a zero that turned into a nero, nero being a ‘near zero day’.  Our original plan for a zero day on Tuesday got fast tracked to today after the storms cleaned our clocks all yesterday.  It’s true that more storms were due today, and they did come in severe forms, but it’s a stormy kind of week and running from those is not really an option.  The real reason for our nero day is physical and mental fatigue.  Our home for the night is Adams Inn, a 4 mile march south.

We spent the morning walking through the towns of Adams & Friendship; laundry and resupply was done well before noon. Check-in at our Adams Inn hotel was not until 3pm so we hit a local pub, Jack Pine Saloon, and had a beer while chatting up the locals.  As per usual, there was a lot of confusion around what we are doing and why we are doing it, followed quickly by strong support and well wishes once we had a chance to explain it all.  They were very sad to hear we would not be passing back through after finishing the trail.

Brianna & I also had a chance to plan out the next week or so.  It is becoming quite obvious that if we are going to finish this trail, we are going to need a huge amount of miles in a relatively short period of time.  The best solution we have is to stop using the official connecting roads, make our own more efficient CRs.  If we push hard and get some luck, maybe, just maybe, we can finish this thing without jumping a section in the middle.

Horsemen ride to Wisconsin this weekend.  Their presence is most welcome!