Day 46 – IAT Mile 889.5 915.4

Walking through towns is a mixed bag.  My day began with miles that passed through Delfield and Hartland, paved paths with easy access to gas stations where I picked up cold drinks and devoured Snickers bars before they had a chance to melt under the hot sun. The IAT passes through older main streets of both Delafield and Hartland rather than the newer box store areas with busy traffic and strip malls.

I knew today would be our last day with Penny, Curt and Athena, which was more than enough motivation for me to drive the morning hard and tap out 17 miles before lunch. Penny had been planning one more big trail magical lunch all week and finally had a chance to pull it off today.  By the time I walked into the temporary parking lot camp site, the girls had deployed big umbrellas for shade and a grill full of cooked brots.  Athena face kisses and food love <3.

Deciding not to carry my big backpack for long periods of time is always a gamble.  With only two hands to carry things, I find myself trying to decide whether my sunbrella or a hiking pole might serve me better.  I was able to carry one of each this afternoon since Curt was kind enough to shoulder the water bottle that would have normally been in my second hand.  Going without my poop shovel and wipes can be hard, but people walk for long distances all the time without having an emergency poop.

Curt & I took our time throughout the afternoon, enjoying the Holy Hill segment and it’s mixture of hilly forests and prairies. We enjoyed a beautiful view of the Basilica of the Holy as we marched across open land with landscape views.  The trail passes through Holy Hill lands but didn’t pass within walking distance of church building as far as we could tell.