Certification of Thousand-Miler Status

Hi Martin,

Congratulations on your feat of hiking the entire Ice Age Trail! And thank you for sending in your “Thousand-Miler” application. The information you’ve included is helpful to our efforts to track long-distance hiking stats for the Ice Age Trail.

You are currently in the #289 position in our database out of 289 total certified Thousand-Miler treks. Our first Thousand-Miler finished on July 29, 1979. It took 35 years to reach our first 100 Thousand-Milers; in the past 7 years, an additional 189 have joined the ranks.

We typically honor our Thousand-Milers each April at our Annual Conference and again in the issue of our newsletter Mammoth Tales that follows the conference. We will be sending your Thousand-Miler certificate and patch to you by mail in the coming weeks, and have added you to the listing of Thousand-Milers on our website

Again, congratulations on your remarkable feat.

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