Late night 4th of July fireworks made sleep difficult for all of us, some more so than others. Rumblings from a pop-up thunderstorm woke us all up around 0530, but it only brought a light drizzle along with it, more bark than bite.

On the road by 0730, this time I was driving while Rick caught up on some sleep. Rick and I took off a little bit earlier than the rest of the crew, as we had a side mission to bury a resupply cache on the trail we’d be passing just 20 minutes north of. The cache has two days worth of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks. If things play out the way we hope, we will only be carrying four days worth of food on that stretch of the trail, rather than six. It might not seem like a big deal by the numbers, but it’s about a four pound difference over a 120 mile stretch.

After dropping the resupply cache at the secret location, we finished the drive to where we planned to stay the night, Big Butternut Campground. The problem with our original plan was that a guy in a camper had arrived before us and setup shop in our spot; a corner spot on a hill with shade. After we reported the problem to the campground and talked it out, the douchey dude ended up keeping our spot. The spot we were given in replacement was right next to our old spot, but no shade, between other people, not great, which is why the douchey dude stole ours to begin with. Long story short, we didn’t want to stay there next to them and try to make a square peg fit into a purple elephant.

Somethings work out just as they were meant to, they just take the long road to get there. Our new home for the week, Do Nothing Campground, has us in a rustic corner by ourselves with plenty of shade. The bathrooms are air conditioned and the showers are open 24 hours. There is even a bar here… need I say more? We have settled into our new area with brots to fill our bellies and beers to cool down the 90 degree night.

Tomorrow looks like rain. Cold rain lasting all day long. Who is up for a 8.9 mile warm up?

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  1. Hopefully the rain, if it came was a welcome cool off instead of just adding to the muggy gross feels. Happy first hike day!

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